About Me

  • This is  my ninth year teaching.  I taught 4 years of Kindergarten and 2 years of Elementary Music in Sumter Co, FL.  I now teach in Citrus Co, FL and I taught half a year of Pre-K before transferring to my current position as the music teacher at PGE.
  • I sing, play guitar, French horn, and mellophone.  I am a former high school drum major and student conductor, I am a Marching Knight alumna of UCF, and I marched with Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps 99′ and Tampa Bay Thunder ’00.  I have worked as a tech with local high school bands for the last few years and am currently beginning my second year as a middle school band mom.  I serve on the praise & worship team at my church and love it!
  • I am married with two children.  Matthew is 12 and just started 7th grade.  He plays banjo and has been playing trumpet for a year now. Mackenzie is 7 and just started second grade at my school.  She loves to sing, dance, and draw.  We have one cat named Acapella (I got to pick the name) and one dog named Scout (she came with that name).
  • I absolutely love my school and what I do for a living and I’m excited to share some of my teaching ideas with friends!Featured image
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