Awesome Week! 

This week has been such an awesome week in Music!  I’ve done music surveys to learn more about my third through fifth graders and their “musical personalities.”  We have also been playing Musical Bingo and the Statue Game. 

My primary grades are rockin’ with new instruments & Pete the Cat and loving it!  

I have a friend who surprised me at school yesterday.  She’s going to volunteer to help me a few times a week!  What a terrific blessing! 

I turned in paperwork for a CCEF Mini-grant to perform Willy Wonka with my Chorus students this year.  We will know October 24th which grants will be funded. 

Today, I sent in my application to be an All-State Orff Adjudicator!  I am so excited!  This would be an amazing opportunity.

This is my paragraph on why I should be selected:  

I would love to be considered as a judge for the All-State Orff Ensemble because I believe this would be an amazing learning experience for students and teachers alike. This experience will help me put into practice the wealth of information I learned from Sandy Lantz and Gretchen Wahlberg. I believe there are no two better instructors to equip music teachers with the knowledge and passion needed to be successful in the Orff Classroom. This honor would deepen my understanding as an Orff educator as well as give me the opportunity to hear a variety of Orff levels beyond the realm of programs in my county. I have been committed to Orff practices and the Central Florida Orff Chapter long before I was a music educator. I attended Orff workshops as a Kindergarten teacher, hoping that I would transfer to a music position someday. CFOC granted me a partial scholarship in 2012 so that I could obtain my Orff Level I certification. Being a judge for All-State would fulfill a personal and educational goal and would reward the effort I’ve put into my Orff studies thus far, not to mention that it would be so much fun! 
  💗💗💗 Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Lastly, a friend just pointed out that I only need $293 to get my new rug! My project was $542.32 and we are over halfway there! My friends are amazing!!! Thank you SO much! I am seriously about to cry!

Thanks for reading and have musical week! 



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